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24 Inch Chrome Rims Will Improve your Vehicles Steering Response.

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24 inch chrome rims source.

24 inch chrome rims...you can settle to be part of the crowd or you can choose to different. When it comes to cars, custom wheels are your ticket to originality. Installing a set of chrome rims on your Ford Mustang GT stock sports car or Cadillac Escalade ESV SUV truck will make heads spin!

Combine these custom aftermarket rims with some low profile tires and you have a car that looks like a killer street racing machine.

The first thing people do when they want to customize a Cobra GT is to replace the factory Mustang rims with aftermarket versions. You can install many types of custom Mustang wheels to give your sports car that "cool factor".

  • 24 inch chrome rims improve the look of your car
  • 24 inch chrome rims improve cornering ability
  • 24 inch chrome rims improve handling
  • 24 inch chrome rims improve steering response

"Inch Up" is the process of mounting a lower aspect ratio tire and larger diameter wheel on your car. This effect creates a larger contact patch and a shorter sidewall.

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